May 10, 2021

Connie Spataro

Before coming to CRC, I worked for many years in Connecticut as a paralegal.  When my husband and I relocated to Florida I decided that it was time for a change even in my professional life.  I took a job working as an Admin for the Naples Office of the third-party company that handled the CRC properties in Southwest Florida. After Hurricane Irma hit in September 2017, there was an opening in the Property Management Department, and I jumped at the chance for the new experience.  I began working with Matt Baker and the CRC team as we recovered from the hurricane and moved forward to keep our properties and tenants on solid ground. It was exciting when our team was invited to come on board and officially became part of CRC when the Naples Office was opened in July 2019.  Working for CRC is one of the best things that has happened in my employment career.  The company offers competitive salary, great benefits, and great support to their team members. CRC makes you feel that you are valued as team member and as a person. I love that! In addition, I must say that during the pandemic when all the world has been in confusion and panic, the leadership of CRC has proven to be outstanding by keeping the company on solid ground and keeping the foundation firm so that our team has been able to move forward.  The ability to work remotely was a great accomplishment for the entire company no matter where we were located.  Zoom and Teams communications have been an instrumental part in allowing me personally to feel even closer to the corporate staff in a way that might not have happened otherwise.  I look forward to the continued growth of the company and especially to be part of that growth in our CRC South Office here in Naples, Florida.