March 29, 2021

Charmaygne Litz

In October of 2000, I was given the opportunity to join CRC as a paralegal in the Legal Department. This was a time when lenders, borrowers, and their respective counsel would have in person closings in a large conference room with a ton of paper. Although I worked for attorneys representing the lenders, CRC was always one of those groups with whom I enjoyed working. Their professionalism, efficiency and humor were the reasons I left what I knew for 15 years and decided to join CRC when the position was offered to me. Fast forward to 2021, what can I say. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. I have loved my job since day one and still do. I deal with corporate entity filings, financings, acquisitions, and sales. In my role, I interact with all the corporate departments. It keeps things interesting and I am always learning. The company strategies and environment are forever evolving to make a better workplace for all of us. Even during a worldwide pandemic, CRC was able to quickly adapt to a remote work environment to ensure the safety and continuity of all employees. As we all know, many are not as fortunate as the CRC family. CRC’s ability to improvise, adapt and overcome is nothing short of inspiring. I believe remote working is a game changer for future growth, technology growth and availability of talent. Despite today’s environment, I am excited about CRC’s future. Jack, Mark, and JM give their all to ensure individual and company success and I will continue to give my all to do the same.