March 15, 2021

Kendra Payne

Prior to joining CRC, I worked for another property management company that didn’t have much room for growth. When I had my first interview with CRC, I knew that this was the company for me. From creating a healthy work culture to providing countless training opportunities, CRC shows that they truly care about their team members. I briefly left CRC to pursue a career in a different field, but the pandemic showed me that I wanted to return to a company that felt like home. During these unsettling times, CRC has quickly evolved and adapted to continue to provide a healthy work environment for its team members. I started my career here as a Senior Leasing Specialist and have since been promoted to Portfolio Specialist. My journey here has been so rewarding and I enjoy the exposure I receive, meeting new people, and learning new aspects of property management. I am consistently able to build my knowledge of leasing, customer service, and what it takes to make a community run effectively. I love telling my friends and family how much I enjoy working for CRC!