January 11, 2017

CRC Dominates Competition in MMHA-Sponsored Maintenance Mania Event Including Top Three Finishers

Three employees qualify for National Championship and Gene Parker, President of Continental Realty Corporation, earns “Best Executive Award”


Continental Realty Corporation (CRC) captured 17 out of a possible 25 awards at the recently-held local qualifying competition for the Maintenance Mania® championship, an event annually sponsored by the Maryland Multi-Housing Association, which is an affiliate of the National Apartment Association. Continental Realty employees finished in first and second place in seven of the eight separate competition categories, and Gene Parker, President of the company, received the “Best Executive Award.” Additionally, company employees placed first, second and third in the overall competition, which qualifies them for the National Championship to be held next year.

The top overall finisher in the local competition was Tony Infussi, a two-time National Champion who handles maintenance for Donnybrook Apartments. Andrew Novak, who works at Courthouse Square Apartments, placed second overall and James McKnight, who works at Padonia Village Apartments finished third overall.

Held throughout the country in various cities, Maintenance Mania® challenges maintenance and service technicians in a number of skill-based games including installing door jams and refrigerator gaskets, replacing parts of a ceiling fan, swapping out a toilet fluid master and substituting a new CO detector. The events were designed to replicate common maintenance activities performed on a daily basis in apartment units. One of the categories challenges participants to build a race car out of parts commonly used in apartment maintenance.

The category winners were:
Water heater: Tony Infussi, First Place and James McKnight, Second Place
Faucet: Tony Infussi, First Place and James McKnight, Second Place
Toilet: Tony Infussi, First Place and Andrew Novak, Second Place
Icemaker: Tony Infussi, First Place
Fire-CO Safety: Tony Infussi, First Place and James McKnight, Second Place
Key Control: Andrew Novak, First Place and Tony Infussi, Second Place
Ceiling fan: Tony Infussi, First Place; James McKnight, Second Place and Andrew Novak, Third Place
Race car: Nghia Nguyen, First Place and Andrew Novak, Second Place

Parker took top honors in the executive version of the competition which required contestants to install blinds, repair a deadbolt lock faucet and complete a key test.

“Dominating the local competition year in and year out, as well as performing exceedingly well on a national stage annually is no accident,” explained Gene Parker, President of Continental Realty Corporation. “These results coincide with our corporate culture to perform at the highest level possible at all times, and in every situation. We take this competition extremely seriously and believe these results coincide with the excellence we bring to the field on a daily basis. This attitude permeates to the highest section of the company.”

About CRC
Continental Realty Corporation, headquartered in Baltimore and founded in 1960, is a full-service commercial real estate investment and management company. The privately-owned firm owns and manages a diversified portfolio of retail centers consisting of more than 3 million square feet of space, as well as almost 10,000 apartment homes. Positioned throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, the value of the portfolio exceeds $1.5 billion. www.crcrealty.com

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